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90th Anniversary of Latvia's Statehood

90th Anniversary of Latvia's Statehood 90th Anniversary of Latvia's Statehood
TypeSilver coin
MaterialSilver 925°
Issuance Date2008
Nominal Value1 Ls
Maximum Mintage5 000
Weight (g)31.47
Diameter (mm)38.61
Graphic designAigars Bikse
Plaster modelAigars Bikse
MintedRahapaja Oy (Finland)

Price: € 70.00

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The first coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia designed by the sculptor Burkards Dzenis (1879-1966) is depicted in the centre of the coin, with an image of the red-white-red national flag underneath. The semicircular inscription LATVIJAI 90 is arranged in the upper part of the obverse and the inscription 1 LATS is centred in the lower part.


A child's stylised picture of a boy and a girl holding a small national standard in their joined hands. The year 2008, inscribed in a semicircle, is at the bottom of the reverse.


Two inscriptions LATVIJAS BANKA (Bank of Latvia), separated by rhombic dots.

The Republic of Latvia was proclaimed on 18 November 1918, at a time when the official coat of arms, the national flag and anthem, as well as the national currency had yet to be introduced. Instead, the founders of the Republic displayed courage, initiative and faith in free Latvia. They cherished the hope that the suffering endured during the World War I would never recur.

The radiant sun featured on the insignia of the Latvian riflemen was displayed on the first coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia designed by the sculptor Burkards Dzenis (1879-1966). The letter "L" represented Latvia and three stars symbolised the united regions. The red-white-red flag at the bottom of the coat of arms evoked the pure waters of the Daugava between banks washed with the blood of those fallen in battle and those perished as refugees.

Soldiers returned home victorious. Refugees came back to their native land. Those forced to abandon their homesteads regained their ruined property. Houses, the economy and the country and its official symbols alike were built up from scratch. The scattered families reunited. Latvia's children returned to fly the flag of the future.

The citizens of Latvia could not have foreseen, however, that the future would bring exile, refugee camps, Communists and Nazis taking turns occupying the land and persecuting its people, totalitarianism and finally a long awaited return to independence and democracy. In childlike faith, they were prepared to share Latvia's destiny. They cherished the flag they had received as they cherished their homeland. They enjoyed their freedom and never forgot it even after it was taken away. As alien powers were tearing apart their land, its children locked the image of the national flag in their hearts to raise it proudly when the time finally came to pass it on to the new generation.

Like a white butterfly with red wings the flag flutters in the hands of Latvia's children again. Time has shown that it is the loving children of any country, their lack of guile, power of hope and ability to grow, that are the best defenders of a country and its symbols.

Each 18 November, the children of Latvia are out in the streets with small national standards in their hands. The national colours are carried both by those who have a whole lifetime behind them and those who were born in the newly free country: by brother and sister, mother and father, grandfather and grandmother. All of them are Latvia's children. Latvia's legacy and future are in their protective hands.

The coin has been designed and modelled by Aigars Bikse.

The coin is legal tender in the Republic of Latvia.

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