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Series: People. Rainis

Series: People. Rainis Series: People. Rainis
TypeSilver coin
MaterialSilver 925°
Issuance Date2005
Nominal Value1 Ls
Maximum Mintage5 000
Weight (g)31.47
Diameter (mm)38.61
Graphic designArta Ozola-Jaunaraja
Plaster modelLigita Franckevica-Ulmane
MintedKoninklijke Nederlandse Munt (Netherlands)

Price: € 35.00

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The obverse of the coin is divided vertically into two fields (proportion 2 : 1). The inscription 1 LATS is in the center of the right field, with the year 2005 semicircled at its lower part. The left field features mountain tops.


The reverse of the coin is divided vertically into two fields (proportion 1: 2). The right field features an originally struck photo portrait of Rainis, topped by a semicircled inscription VIENMĒR VIENS UN PATS... (Ever alone and going on his own…), with facsimile signature of the poet at the bottom. The left field features mountain tops.


Inscriptions LATVIJAS BANKA (Bank of Latvia) and LATVIJAS REPUBLIKA (Republic of Latvia), separated by a dot.

The third series People of the largest national collector coin program Latvia. Times and Values is dedicated to the spiritual molders of the Latvian nation.

Always ready to scale another challenging summit, Rainis (1865-1929) was an outstanding poet, dramatist, philosopher, translator and public figure. His life is a fitting illustration to the human aspiration and striving after perfection, and as such reflects the entire spiritual history of mankind. Under him, the paper Dienas Lapa brought together radical intellectuals, paving the way for the movement Jaunā Strāva and the Social Democrats in Latvia.

Unfortunately, the noble national ideals, understanding of the decisive role of culture and intolerance to violence, the highest spiritual objectives of Rainis, failed to win approval in his days.

Ever alone and going on his own are the words on the reverse of the coin communicating the spectrum of the emotions of Rainis, the genius pulling ahead of time, for in all times the mountain peaks have enjoyed the privilege to give the first welcome to the Sun, the symbol of human freedom, devotion, spiritual evolution and regeneration.

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